Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Garden Glam

*Forever 21 Shirt, Cardigan, Pants*

Over the weekend my roommates and I went to this gorgeous garden in Pasadena. For our day out I felt inspired to go along with the setting. I put together a simple outfit that I would normally wear to work, school, or just out for any old casual day. I got this adorable cardigan at none other than, of course, Forever 21. I always feel the need to match with one of the colors on my printed clothing, and for this occasion I chose the red. These capri pants are chic and comfy and perfect for a day spent walking around. Under my sweater I chose to wear a white button up collared shirt to accent as a bit more professional and studious. To complete my look I wore some cute black flats.  

Hope everyone is having a nice week :) 

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